Pizzeria Salin

A friendly atmosphere in a traditional setting.
Timber beam ceiling, rocks, soft light, ceramic stove, the crackling of the fire...details reminding of ancient mountain cultures.

Conturina, Zeberchie, Aisciuda, Albolina, Soal... all names of different pizzas which, with their symphony of tastes and scents, will take you into the magic of Ladin country.

  • Open all year roun
  • Covered terrace
  • Unertl Weissbier original from Bayern


The origin os the name "Soreje"

Among the first guest at Giovan Battista Rizzi's "Al Sole" inn, Pera di Fassa, were experts in geology and minerology. Old documents show that in 1864 he served 58 different main courses.

Thanks to its strategic position, the in became a post station, and also a salt deposit, from which it gained the nickname "Salin". When Augusto opened the Salin Restaurant in 1979, he was delighted to keep the traditon alive, in 1989 he gave the name "Sun" to his new hotel, which in the Ladin language is "Soreie", in memory of 1828.