The origin os the name "Soreje"

Among the first guest at Giovan Battista Rizzi's "Al Sole" inn, Pera di Fassa, were experts in geology and minerology. Old documents show that in 1864 he served 58 different main courses..
Thanks to its strategic position, the in became a post station, and also a salt deposit, from which it gained the nickname "Salin". When Augusto opened the Salin Restaurant in 1979, he was delighted to keep the traditon alive, in 1989 he gave the name "Sun" to his new hotel, which in the Ladin language is "Soreie", in memory of 1828

As a hotel we value our heritage, conserving not only the pride of the Ladin people and their culture, but also a respect for the environment which has been handed down to us, The hotel's interior is a modest attempt to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional Fassa home. We boast a faithful reconstruction of a "stua" ( a wood-panelled sitting room), and a warm yet elegant breakfast room where the use of wood and wall decoration combine to re-evoke ancient legends, beliefs and history.